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Ponnalagar Mahal

Situated in the heart the city 'Madurai', 'Ponnalagar Mahal' being one of the biggest, opulent wedding palaces possesses royalty and elegance for making your most important & auspicious day of your life an unforgettable celebration. That's our Promise to you. We promise to make your wedding a joyous succession of wonderfully memorable moments.
We know, when you start planning for special event in your life, it always comes down to thinking of the perfect place to have it. From large stylish weddings, birthday celebrations, or other intimate gatherings, reception halls provide the facade you want to imply to your guests. And to spare no effort in ensuring that every detail is attended to, leaving you free to enjoy friends, family and the purity of the occasion. Keeping those in mind, We make our palace depict the impression of warmth, elegance, easily accessible and a sense of comfort.

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